Why Rockport has a steadily declining lizard population

Owen and I sit on the EcoPod’s front steps on a cool Saturday morning.

There is just one coffee shop in Rockport of which I was a patron this morning. I was bitterly disappointed by the coffee but pleasantly surprised by the crab spinach quiche (mmmmmmm). Some good reading only helped assuage the turmoil of a disappointing cup o’ joe. Fortunately, any cup of coffee can be improved with a splash of Whiksey…and I did happen to have a bottle of Texas’ finest…

2000-01-01 00.00.39  Unknown-1IMG_0774

Back to sitting on the porch of the EcoPod, Owen beside me. Owen is my very misbehaved canine friend. He may be likened to an egocentric child who believes the world (or the backyard) is his playground and who regularly disturbs the order of the coastal Texas ecosystem by hunting lizards. Nevertheless, life is bettered with a canine friend. 

This is what happens when I arrive home, 5pm, Monday through Fridays:

  2000-01-01 00.02.00 2000-01-01 00.01.38-1 2000-01-01 00.02.01

Finally, from the porch of the EcoPod, a suggestion: If you are having a lazy Saturday, spike your coffee and turn on some Black Keys. You are sure to feel positively badass all-the-while maintaining a mild-mannered afternoon.