California, Here We Come

Two weeks before the next move. I suppose this is the time when people get accounts in order—catch up on car maintenance…apartment research.. But that sounds tedious and not fun. So I decided instead to finish reading five books prior to August 11th…and work through a Netflix mini series. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance has been added to my current list of reads, and much to my delight, it’s kindled excitement for the 44 hour trek that awaits.

I’ve made this trip before. Starry desert nights in December are breathtaking, and the Grand Canyon at 7am, covered in frost, is lesser known and, perhaps, more epic. This is a journey that’s good for the soul. The knowledge that one has traversed a continent with sheer will power, $500 in fuel, and a solid playlist recognizes strength and independence. A few things in life become less frightening. I now believe in travel whole heartedly.

This time we take the northern route to avoid excessive heat. I’ve discovered there is no way to circumvent Nevada in August. At the advice of my well-traveled cousin, “Make sure your tank is full, you have water, and your phone isn’t dead.”

So with 2 weeks, one desert, and 2800 miles ahead, California, Here We Come.