Welcome to the *charming town of Waco. My first stop into town was at a local H.E.B. (certainly no Trader Joe’s or Whole foods). “Um, excuse me, where’s your cous cous? You know, cous cous. Oh, no cous cous? Thanks anyway. I guess I’ll just explore your 4 isles of mexican food instead…”

If you come to Waco, bring your own cous cous.

A celebratory bottle of wine was still in order …


The Simple Life. Little did I know “Simple Life” would be a great bottle of Pinot Noir (light bodied with smooth, constant undertones of vanilla. Mmmmmm). The Simple Life would also prove to be …. symbolic.

Exactly ninety miles between big-city Dallas and super-hip Austin is…Waco. Waco is no Dallas or Austin. Waco is…vast expanses of empty land with an occasional strip mall. It is the wild-west-meets-suburbia. Mmmmm. Strip malls.

So I went hiking and ate Tex…

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