Love, Respect, Honor: The Things I’ll Carry Home.

It’s been quite a long time for this young gypsy. Texas is behind me and I’m in Delaware, refreshingly surrounded by family for the first time in nearly a decade. This too is temporary. Soon I make the laborious cross-country trek to the Golden State. Annnnd if I don’t find a companion for this road trip, I may be writing future posts entitled “Only Fools Drive Cross Country Alone.”  It may happen.

In between this and that, I find myself in a Dallas coffee shop sipping the best cup ‘o joe I’ve had in this Great State and de-briefing from a few days in Jamaica.

First, a HUGE thanks to Dana’s company for inviting me along. Second, a thanks to her coworkers for including me on all inside jokes, inappropriate comments, and opportunities to quote Cool Runnings.

Jamaica we got a bobsled team.

It’s been years since I’ve been in an all-inclusive resort. There’s a certain sadness that accompanies it’s boundaries…as if I’ve been provided with a slice of Jamaica that’s deemed acceptable to outside standards. But a culture that’s evolved organically, amidst periods of struggle and success is far more beautiful. The unfiltered provides a set of observations from which to build a formula to understand society. Why do they hide this from us? I want to know what makes the world go round. That is why we travel, after all.

We picked the mind of resort staff, picking up lingo and meaning along the way. Our catamaran guide Captain Johnny said Jamaicans are different from neighboring islanders. Johnny says they’re in love with life. I chose to believe him.

So from Dallas, 24 hours post-Jamaica, and shortly en-route to Delaware…Love, Respect, Honor.



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