go stag

It was a long day at work.

Thirty students, 10 hours on the clock, and one angry teacher. And besides, I had been excessingly healthy this week (after all, I do have two gym memberships now…) I started circuit training at the gym (not to be confused with circus training which involves elephants and acrobatics..)

That said, I deserved a drink. So off I went, stag at the local, margarita in hand and a plate of tex mex (Texas does make the perfect nachos)…deep in the heart of Texas.


I enjoy patronizing a good happy hour alone. I bring a book and sip a well-crafted cocktail. The paradox of being alone in an overcrowded room makes me feel anything but lonely. I am contently lost in a book and lost in my mind. A world of adventure has opened itself to me. I am in good company.

Sometimes, however, I wonder if traveling is the best choice for me. If I’ve driven myself hundreds of miles away from family and friends to chase an ideal. Am I youthfully foolish only to miss out in the end? John Mackey, founder and CEO of Whole Foods, promptly responded to these questions:

“In my early twenties, I made what has proven to have been a wise decision: a lifelong commitment to follow my heart wherever it led me–which has been on a wonderful journey of adventure, purpose, creativity, growth, and love. I have learned that it is possible to live in this world with an open, loving heart. I have learned that we can channel our deepest creative impulses in loving ways toward fulfilling our higher purposes, and help evolve the world to a better place.” (Conscious Capitalism)

To follow my heart, to cultivate my passions, to become stronger and wiser–this is why I’m here. The choice is clear for me, for now. Go stag.



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