rivers and roads

A new life here in New Braunfels, Tx. It was hard leaving from my visit in Pittsburgh.

There’s something quaint and cozy about that town. Between rolling hills and steel bridges, it bares composition. The familiarity was deeply comforting, even more so as I’ve been traveling for the last 3 months. I felt the warm sense of home tucked away in the steel city.

All the way from Pittsburgh: Food porn, compliments of E2. I was going to order the risotto, but these meatballs looked badass.

.2013-03-24 10.32.12

Back in New Braunfels, a new job. A new apartment. A new resolution. I told myself I would live differently for a bit. Less connected. More simply. That I’d cut out means of mindless cognitive stimulation (excessive television, excessive facebook, excessive anything) and invest in mind and body.

A celebratory supper. For myself. By myself.

grilled salmon burger. trader joe's hummus dressing. trader joe's cowboy caviar. jalapenos.

grilled salmon burger. trader joe’s hummus dressing. trader joe’s cowboy caviar. jalapenos. I missed trader joe’s.

And now… my retreat.

IMG_0344       IMG_0383

IMG_0374       IMG_0339

IMG_0347       IMG_0432

From somewhere between Austin and San Antonio.




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